Monday, April 13, 2009

After not a lot of consideration, I've decided to submit my letter of resignation at my stifling, boring, makes-me-want-to-vomit-every-morning-when-I-wake-up job and leave Tulsa for the summer to drive to Oceanside, CA. The first part of my planned route is Tulsa ---> Tucson, AZ via Amarillo, TX and Roswell, NM. I plan to stop in Tucson for a week or so and visit an old college friend, take a side trip to the Grand Canyon, and do some major hiking, rock climbing, etc.

This whole "leave spontaneously for a cross-country trip" thing is quite uncharacteristic of me. I'm a planner. I'm responsible. I'm a realist. I'm trying to save up enough money to go to Europe in 4 months, and I have a non-refundable plane ticket for a flight that leaves Tulsa on August 6th. All I know is that recent events in my life led to a culmination of sorts, with the only visible next step being "get as far away as you can, and do it as soon as possible." So here I am counting down the days, hoping and praying that everything works out for the best.

If you feel so inclined, keep up with me on this blog. I'm going to do my very best to keep it updated, assuming that the desert heat doesn't claim the life of my beautiful Macbook (::crosses fingers::).

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